Brannte uns nicht das Herz (Did our heart not burn)

“And their eyes were opened, and they knew him”
– Lk 24,31

The disciples, who set off for Emmaus, didn’t yet have the resurrection in mind but the death of Jesus. It is in this despair that Christ appears. We celebrate this event on Easter Monday where this song could find an immediate liturgical place as the gradual chant.

Moreover, the song poses the question of the doubter: What does this have to do with me? Are we often just like the Emmaus disciples and don’t see what is directly before our eyes? Didn’t our hearts burn? “Believing means celebrating, believing means living!” is an encouragement which lasts into the rest of the year.

This song is my second collaboration with Markus Vogt, together we wrote this song as the motto song for the 2005 Youth Day in the Abbey Untermarchtal on the Danube.

“Did our heart not burn” is a lead sheet for organ – or band accompanying the congregational singing as well as a four part arrangement for choir.

Brannte uns nicht das Herz - Sample sheet music

Brannte uns nicht das Herz_Probe-Leadsheet.pdf (327.3 KiB)

Brannte uns nicht das Herz - Soprano & Piano

Verena Knirck, soprano - Thomas M. J. Schäfer, piano

Brannte uns nicht das Herz - Genezareth

Thanks to the Band Genezareth for the permission to present their recording here!

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