Choir - Sacred Works

Thanks to my long-term experience with amateur choirs, I am acquainted with the balancing act between requirement and practicability. My compositions and arrangements for mixed choirs often follow the classical tradition of four voices and have proved themselves on many occasions.

For performances in services and concerts you can find my original composition as well as four-part choral settings of known chorales/hymns, church- and Christmas songs. During the process of composing as well as arranging, I am constantly looking for colourful sounds and new, unexpected sound combinations. An edition of the late medieval Ave Regina caelorum by Guillaume Dufay for three-part mixed choir (SAM) and oriented towards today’s performance practice concerning register, completes this section.

If you are interested in a choral setting, an arrangement or a composition, which is adapted to the needs of your choir, then please issue an order! I would be happy to set clerical or mundane texts to music for the ensemble of your choice.

This section first presents my sacred compositions for choir in alphabetical order by title. Secular choral works can be found below.