edition riedl

On the pages of edition riedl  I would like to introduce you to the composer Hartwig Riedl and his works. Hartwig Riedl approached me in the early summer of 2019 and asked me for an arrangement of his song cycle "The 13 Months" on poems by Erich Kästner for four-part mixed choir. This resulted in a fruitful collaboration and beautiful musical friendship.

In summer 2019 we got to know each other personally and I was able to enjoy a city tour with Hartwig Riedl through his hometown Hamburg.

Now I act as the editor of Hartwig Riedl's compositional work and will create a complete edition of his compositions as edition riedl.

On the following pages you will find introductory texts by Hartwig Riedl about his compositions, sample scores and recordings of his works.

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