Aus der Heimath - Polka Mazur (Strauss)

Arrangement for string orchestra

"Aus der Heimath" op. 347 is a Polka-Mazur by Johann Strauss (son) for piano.The arrangement for string orchestra possibly gets closer to the Viennese “Schrammerl-Seligkeit”, wich is defined by a typical violin sound, than the original does. The musical wittiness emerges from Strauss crossing two traditional forms: the Polka, played in a 2/4 measure and the Mazurka in a 3/4 measure. This results in a cheerful, waltz-like miniature, which unites the characters of the different dances.

Aus der Heimath - Perusal score

Strauss_Aus der Heimath_Probepartitur.pdf (2.2 MiB)

Aus der Heimath - Audio

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