Von Gott beschenkt (Gifted By The Lord)

„Enjoy the life you were given by the Lord!“

The text from the Old Testament from the book of the preacher, which is the basis for the motet for mixed choir, is a life-affirming song of praise of the Lord’s creation – food, drink and love are the central topics, not forgetting beauty and a place in the sun. The preacher makes a plea for pleasure without remorse – an encouragement which also takes the Lord’s benevolence into the focus. Despite all these positive aspects, the text also offers a bleak picture of the afterlife.

The composition puts these diverse, lush pictures into music. Thereby, the middle part is a love song to “the woman you love”. This piece of medium complexity is suitable for concerts and masses, especially for Thanksgiving or for all the other days “under the sun”.

Von Gott beschenkt (Gifted By The Lord) - Perusal score

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Von Gott beschenkt - Audio

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