Lichtpunkt (Point of light)

“Point of light” tells the stories of Abraham, Maria and Petrus, who have one important main feature in common: an infinite trust in God, which turns out to be a turning point in life. Abraham, Maria and Petrus are role models for the individual living now – in that sense, the song serves equally as a praise, as well as a commitment of faith and trust.

Liturgically, this song is ideally suited as an alternative Credo. Due to a Halleluja call at the end, it can also be used as a gradual chant, which encloses the call before the gospel. This place is especially justified by the cited biblical events and the personal question: "Can I hear, what he wants from me?"

The text for "Lichtpunkt" was written by Markus Vogt.

Lichtpunkt - Sample leadsheet

Lichtpunkt_Probe-Leadsheet.pdf (374.9 KiB)

Lichtpunkt - Genezareth

Thanks to the band Genezareth for the permission to present their recording here!

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