Sehnsucht nach Leben (Yearning for life)

This song, the motto song of the Youth Day 2004, which was composed in the convent of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul (Untermarchtal), tells us about the daily search of human beings. The question about the meaning of life is asked day by day, especially by younger people. 

Youth Day 2004 Convent of Untermarchtal

”Sehnsucht nach Leben” (Yearning for life) tries to answer these questions on a spiritual level. As there is no patent remedy, the answer lies in individual meditation, contemplation and invocation. ”Sehnsucht nach Leben” (Yearning for life) is the first of several songs, which were made together with Markus Vogt. At this point, many thanks for the fabulous collaboration and inspiring texts!

The vocal score for this song sets every verse to music individually and works up to a climax from one part in the first verse to four parts in the fourth verse. Of course, every part can be used for all other verses so that the song can either be sung in two- three- or four- part voicing, depending on its customer’s wishes.

Sehnsucht nach Leben - Sample sheet music

Sehnsucht nach Leben_Probe-Leadsheet.pdf (379.0 KiB)

Sehnsucht nach Leben - Audio (choir)

Sehnsucht nach Leben - Dornbusch (band version)

Thanks to the band Dornbusch for the great interpretation of my song an the sisters of the Convent of Untermarchtal for the permission to present this recording from the album "25 Jahre Jugendtag Untermarchtal" ("25 years Youth Day Untermarchtal")!

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