Die ihr Gott preist (Those Who Praise The Lord)

„Exceedingly awe-inspiring is the Lord!“
– Jesus Sirach 43, 29

The first words of the motet for four-part mixed choir reveal the entire magnitude of the Lord. In mighty fourth- and fifth chords, the choir arises from the depths. The unfathomability of the Lord and the incomprehension of his deeds leave the scholars astonished. The intension of this composition is to put this astonishment into music.

The compact choral work is a musical glorification – liturgically flexible and performable the whole church year. Connected to classical modernism by its sound, it follows, with its varied form, the example of Heinrich Schütz’s motets, the master of the relationship of tone and word in the 17th century.

Die ihr Gott preist - Perusal score

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Die ihr Gott preist - Audio

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