Three Salon Pieces (Laukvik)

Original version for Salon Orchestra

Three Pieces for Salon Orchestra
Edition Svitzer - Cover Design: Nicola Lee

In the 1980s the pianist Lisbeth Ehn-Moseby suggested to me to compose pieces for a classical Viennese waltz ensemble – in the original version with flute and clarinet which is separately available.

Dommayer-Polka was written in 1985 for the women's salon orchestra "Wiener Walzermädchen", founded in 1984, in which Lisbeth played the piano. The orchestra performed the piece regularly for many years on the first Saturday of every month in Café Dommayer (since 2006 Alt-Wiener Kaffeehaus Oberlaa) in Hietzing in the 13th district of Vienna.

Jon Laukvik

The other two pieces were also composed in 1985 and initially performed by the "Wiener Walzermädchen". They were later performed by the bösze salonorchester founded by Cordula Bösze, which performed in a similar instrumental constellation as the "Wiener Walzermädchen". The bösze salonorchester also played contemporary music – with Lisbeth at the piano.

While Dommayer-Polka is composed in the traditional polka style (“polka française”), Polka avec and „… nur du allein“ are affectionate comments on the great tradition of Viennese dance music. They should be performed accordingly – with humor and great rhythmic freedom.

Jon Laukvik, Stuttgart, May 2023

Arrangement for Piano Quintet

Three Salon Pieces for Piano Quintet
Edition Svitzer - Cover Design: Nicola Lee

After getting to know the charming Salon Pieces in 2002, I made an arrangement for piano quintet for a concert in 2016 and I am happy that this cheerful and humorous music is becoming accessible to a larger audience in this way.

For ensembles that have a double bass at their disposal, there is an optional contrabass part notated on the cello staff. Its joining and pausing are indicated by +Cb. or Vc. This can be dealt with freely and pragmatically.

A performance with string orchestra and piano is also conceivable.

Thomas M. J. Schäfer, Schwäbisch Gmünd, May 2023


Both versions are available as sheet music by Edition Svitzer, Kopenhagen.