What exactly is new music in the 21st century? First of all, of course, music that doesn’t exist yet. Newly conceived music for a special occasion, set to fit a particular ensemble or arisen from one’s fantasy or from the spur of the moment. Maybe it is the postmodern task – if one may call the present or our era as such – to leave behind the restraints of the 20th century that only accept works of art, which take new paths.

In my compositions, I am not scared of touching and using sounds, stylistic devices or forms that already exist. Precisely combining the already known and novelties I see as one of the important elements of my tonal language. The performability of my music is one of my main focuses – a piece of music only becomes a real piece of art when it sounds!

Especially the playing with familiar forms, the juxtaposition or togetherness of seemingly incompatible contrasts I, as composer, find appealing. Come and discover my music that is organized by instrumentation – I would be happy, I you would like to perform and thereby make sound one of my works. On these pages, you will find sample scores and audio files (For the pieces I haven’t got a recording of, I have generated these from MIDI-sounds).

If you are interested in materials for performances, please use the order button to contact me. You will receive the requested scores for a nominal fee.