New Spiritual Song

„Who sings prays twice.“
– attributed to the Holy Augustine

At all times and in all cultures in human history, music has always also played a role in human’s spirituality and religion. The joint singing is an immediate expression of the believers’ spiritual feeling. Humans always turn their belief into music – whether with drums, in the form of Gregorian Chant or in hymns.

The New Spiritual Song is the hymn of our time and a spiritual expression of our (pop)culture. With my New Spiritual Songs, I want to contribute in keeping church chant alive. The profound texts penned by Markus Vogt – with whom I have had a fruitful collaboration over many years – have a special share in the quality of the songs.

Some of my New Spiritual Songs are available not only as a lead seht but also as a setting for choir. I'm glad to present some recordings by church bands on this pages!